Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi everybody, Julie here...I just wanted to tell you how EXCITED Morgan and I are about sharing our blog and products with you! We have been working like crazy making all kinds of PRESH products for the cutie in your life! Our focus is on making handmade, custom, boutique quality products such as tutus, appliqued shirts, crochet hats, and a wide variety of handpainted items (for less than the boutique price!)! My mom, Kim Perkins, is also working right along with us to create these special keepsakes that you are sure to love. We'll be posting lots of pictures of things that we are making and hope that you find them just down-right CUTE and want to place an order with us! :) We've found that people love to buy our products for baby shower gifts, birthday parties, capturing that ADORABLE picture that we always want in a photo shoot, and just for everyday cuteness!! :) If you have purchased with us, please send us pictures so that we can post them for others to see! Thanks so much for checking out our blog. Make sure to follow us and tell everyone you know about presh!!!

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